Adrenaline weekend in southern Istria

Come and get a dose of adrenaline in the southern Istria, and
spend a weekend in the company of adventure lovers. Professional
guides and quads are waiting for us in the village of Draguzeti.
The excitement begins at the very start of the quad safari by
descending forest trails to the eastern coast of Istria. In the Blaz
Bay, we continue a kayak safari adventure, during which we will
visit the old mills, springs of drinking water, a sunken ancient
ship and beautiful bays. The second day begins in the village of
Manjadvorci, where after 9 km of riding on beautiful horses, we
will visit the Vicina cave, and continue riding to the park Glavani,
where we will enjoy another adrenaline experience. Adrenaline
experience will be enhanced by a beautiful horseback riding to
the ranch Barba Tone, and the peak of enjoyment is certainly
somewhere high on a zip line, 11-meter swing or unicycle ride at
the altitude of 12 m in the Glavani park.
Tourist packages range from two to three days. The basic activities
program for a eight-day package includes: Day 1: safari quad and safari
kayak; Day 2: horseback riding and adrenaline park. The packages are
available throughout the year for groups of two to 60 persons. The
accommodation is available in vacation homes and apartments. hotels
at 20-odd kilometers of distance. Transfer individual. Professional
guides available in Croatian, English, German or Italian language. Other
languages available on request. The information contained herein
is indicative and non-binding. Please contact us for the final quote.


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