Sports and adrenaline

1. KAYAKING from Premantura to the islands, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We leave the Stupice camping site by kayaks for 1 or 2 persons heading towards the Kamenjak cape, and stop on our way at Ceja, Fineda and Fenoliga islands, the latest hosting the richest site of dinosaurs footprints. More than 100 footprints, lying in six regular paths indicating the directions of their movements, were found there.

You can swim in the crystal-clean sea in one of the marvellous bays and afterwards have lunch on the Ceja island. Refreshed, we go back to Premantura. Our guide-instructor takes care of safety and endurance of each participant, and creates the pace accordingly. Each participants gets the life-vest and, if necessary, a neoprene suit.

2. Adrenaline Park

The Galvani adrenaline park, in the village of Glavani, offers plenty entertainment opportunities, that are constantly refreshed by new ideas and contents. Get yourself ready for a dose of adrenaline that will stimulate and excite all your senses.

There are 3 routes at your disposal – the yellow, the blue and the black, each increasing in height and difficulty. The big bonus of the blue and the black routes is that they both end with a 113 meters long zip line.

Fully trained personnel will teach you how to carry and use the equipment and show how to handle carabiners and rollers.

If you want and additional breath-taking adventure, this park is ideal and offers:

– a 3 G – 11 meters long swing

– the first European suspension bridge over the valley (3 zip lines, 3 crazy bridges, a surf board ride, a trapeze, a slack-line and a 35 meters long monocycle trip 12 meters above the valley floor).

The package arrangement includes:

4 half-boards

2 sports days



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